International Creativity of Higher Education
With creative courses continuously making their way online, it is our belief that quality appraisal is necessary to promote best practices in the delivery of these courses and ensure students get the best learning experience possible.
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We are engaged in the accreditation of creative online courses. Access this page to know more about us.

Mechanisms of Accreditation

Get an overview of how ICHOS conducts its accreditation process.

Embrace and Promote Creativity

International Creativity of Higher Education (ICHOS) embraces and promotes the advancement of creative online courses worldwide by way of voluntary accreditation.

Organisations offering creative online courses turn to us to evaluate their courses in whole and determine if applicable standards of quality are substantially achieved. As a result, we are able to enrich creative online courses and provide assurance to students that the quality of education they receive is superior and will support their entry to a creative profession.

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