International Creativity of Higher Education
    With creative courses continuously making their way online, it is our belief that quality appraisal is necessary to promote best practices in the delivery of these courses and ensure students get the best learning experience possible.
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We assist organisations in reaching an appropriate level of proficiency for their online courses. We help students enrol into courses that align with their goals.

Overall, we deliver you a high quality service through our excellent standards, practices, and approaches.

Who We Are and What We Do

International Creativity of Higher Education (ICHOS) is a UK-based private organisation that offers specialised accreditation for creative online courses of all levels and disciplines. Our main goals are to challenge organisations to pursue excellence in their creative online courses, protect the interests of students, and contribute to the overall improvement of online education.

To attain our goals, we ensure the achievement of desired learning outcomes among students. We have designed our accreditation criteria in a manner that cultivates quality and continual improvement in creative online courses. We constantly review and improve these criteria, along with the involved processes and practices. This is to ensure that the criteria remain unbiased and relevant to the needs of students and the organisations pursuing accreditation for their courses.

Why Our Role is Important

At this point when an increasing number of creative courses are cropping up online, our role as an accrediting body is critical to ensuring these courses are in compliance with certain standards of quality. Where some courses fail to meet what is expected of them, we guide organisations offering such courses in identifying the areas that need improvement and provide guidance on how those improvements can be carried out.

Additionally, it is through our role as an accrediting body that we are able to provide a reasonable level of assurance to students, and the public that a particular course we have accredited is on par with other similar courses offered within the UK and overseas. Likewise, we are able to point out to students which courses are favourably considered by employers, which in turn aid them in pursuing a course that is aligned with their career aspirations.

                                            What We Value

We are is serious about setting high standards in creative online courses. This commitment is reflected in our values, which also serve as the fabric of how we operate.


Our accreditation team is comprised of experienced and passionate people not only from the field of education but also from a diverse range of creative disciplines. Experts working with us know how to properly carry out our processes and make sound accreditation decisions.

Transparency and Trust

We present different kinds of information that will help organizations to move forward with the accreditation of their courses. We believe this transparency is fundamental in building trust and professional relationships.

Social Responsibility

We are accountable to the students and organisations we work with, as well as to the public in general. We take the time to share what we know and encourage the advancement of creative online courses through our accreditation service.

Continuous Improvement

The landscape of online education and the needs of learners change. To meet these challenges head on, we continually improve our accreditation criteria, processes and practices.

What Distinguishes Our Accreditation from Others

We understand that it takes more than just low pricing for any accreditation service to be acknowledged and remain competitive. We have taken extra steps to ensure our accreditation service is endowed with qualities that let it stand head and shoulders above others. Below are those qualities: