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Accreditation is a thorough process of evaluation. The decision to enter into it must never be done in haste, as doing so can result to oversights that can lead to unfavourable outcomes. If you are contemplating accreditation for any of your creative online courses, we have provided comprehensive information you can use to prepare yourself and your course for the process. Click on the tab that corresponds to your need.
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Recognise the Value of ICHOS Accreditation

ICHOS Accreditation: An Objective Tool That Delivers Numerous Benefits

ICHOS’s accreditation is an objective process that is tailored to evaluate creative courses delivered online. In essence, the accreditation we provide has positive impact not only on the courses we accredit, but also to students, academic organisations, potential employers as well as the creative industries in general. Here are a few benefits that can be derived from earning accreditation from us:

Stamp of Academic Quality

Organisations offering creative courses online want to validate the quality of their courses and display their commitment to academic excellence. Receiving accreditation from ICHOS is a good means to accomplish these things. Our accreditation is indicative of good quality and is a sign that an organisation is devoted to ensuring that it follows best practices in the development and delivery of its courses.

Means to Attract New Students

Most students today consider accreditation status as an important factor in their decision to pursue a course. As such, ICHOS accredited courses continue to attract students worldwide because they offer an assurance of getting the best possible educational experience, which can help students expand their career opportunities.

Verification of High-Calibre Educational Experience

Accreditation does not necessarily guarantee that every student taking an accredited course will succeed professionally. However, it does send a message that the student has attained an educational background that can count towards sitting an exam, getting a licensure or satisfying the requirements or standards of a particular profession or entry-level post.

Selection Criterion for Employment

Many employers want efficiency on their recruitment process. By choosing to use ICHOS’s accreditation as a criterion for employment, hiring companies are not only able to reduce the amount of time they spend on head hunting new employees. They are also able to recruit applicants who are knowledgeable, well-prepared and have the qualifications necessary for the role.

Opportunity for Continuous Improvement

For organisations that set their courses for ICHOS accreditation, it exemplifies their intent to take steps to further refine their courses and stay up to date on current best practices. To simply put it, our accreditation is a manifestation of commitment to continuously improve.