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Accreditation is a thorough process of evaluation. The decision to enter into it must never be done in haste, as doing so can result to oversights that can lead to unfavourable outcomes. If you are contemplating accreditation for any of your creative online courses, we have provided comprehensive information you can use to prepare yourself and your course for the process. Click on the tab that corresponds to your need.
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Eligibility Requirements for Accreditation

Eligibility: A Jumpstart Point for Accreditation

Before making a formal application for accreditation, organisations seeking to have their creative online courses accredited by ICHOS must ensure compliance with our eligibility criteria. These eligibility criteria serve two important purposes. First, they describe the attributes and core values ICHOS believes are critical for creative online courses. Second, they provide organisations a clear perspective of what is necessary for a course to deliver and sustain quality education.

For organisations, aligning their courses with these eligibility criteria can be regarded as the first step to accreditation. Accomplishing these is also indicative of their commitment to achieve accreditation status within a reasonable period.

An online course is eligible for ICHOS accreditation if:

For any question or clarification regarding our accreditation eligibility criteria, please contact us so we can guide you accordingly.