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Accreditation is a thorough process of evaluation. The decision to enter into it must never be done in haste, as doing so can result to oversights that can lead to unfavourable outcomes. If you are contemplating accreditation for any of your creative online courses, we have provided comprehensive information you can use to prepare yourself and your course for the process. Click on the tab that corresponds to your need.
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Accreditation Mandatory Documents

Why is there a Need to Submit Documents?

We ask organisations wishing to have their creative courses accredited to submit a couple of primary documents to us. These documents have two important roles to play. First, they serve as references that our accreditation team use to evaluate and verify compliance of a course to our accreditation criteria. Second, they are maintained by ICHOS for recordkeeping. To ensure the accuracy and accessibility of such primary documents, we have put together a short list of rules for submission.

Logistical Rules

All organisations seeking accreditation must submit a copy of each required document in electronic format. There is no need to submit hard copies of the documents, though it is advised for organisations to have backup that can be used should any problem arise with the electronic versions.

Formatting Rules

ICHOS prefers that the documents are submitted in PDF format or text file to make navigation easier for evaluators. Avoid using colourful backgrounds and images that may impede the documents’ readability. Since not all evaluators go through documents in a linear manner, providing instructions on how to navigate through the documents are needed. Likewise, direct links to online-based documents must be provided, ensuring that each link open on their own window.

For documents that are in a language other than English, we ask that copies of the original and translated versions of the documents be submitted to us.

NOTICE: Aside from the documents listed below, we may request for additional documents during the course of accreditation. In such case, we will notify the organisation offering the course being accredited and offer ample amount of time to prepare the documents we request.

Accreditation Documents Checklist

For any question or clarification regarding our accreditation eligibility criteria, please contact us so we can guide you accordingly.