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Deciding to seek accreditation for your creative online course is an excellent way to establish its quality and credibility, and get more students on board. Beyond these things, accreditation can also be a springboard to incorporate continuous improvements in your course’s operation. When you are done with the preparation and are ready to start with the process, simply complete the available form and send it back to us.
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Online Accreditation Form

Form Completion

We ask all applicants to completely fill out the online form we have provided. This will give us specific information that will assist us in identifying the course to be accredited and the organisation requesting for accreditation. It will also aid us in preparing for a consultation in relation to the self-review. In addition to the form, we have also provided a couple of tips organisations can use in preparation for accreditation.

what you need to know

Document Preparation and Submission

The application form is just one of the critical documents you have to submit to be considered for accreditation. If you are not certain what other documents to prepare, you can view the list here. Since you can apply for accreditation at any time, it will be preferable to get all the documents lined up beforehand. It is also useful to have backup copies (hard and soft), so you can easily produce them when needed.

Course Self-Review

Once you have read through ICHOS's accreditation mechanisms, you will be aware that the course self-review is one of the most essential parts of the process. When conducting of the review, give deliberate attention to all aspects of the course to ensure that they are consistent with the criteria. It is advised to jot down notes to help you identify areas for improvement time for the self-review report.

During Evaluation

It may take around 2 weeks to complete the evaluation as the time depends on the complexity of the course to be accredited. We may coordinate with you during the evaluation phase, so our communication lines with you need to be open. If you are certain that your course's policies and processes are crafted around our criteria, its chances of gaining accreditation will be high.

After Accreditation

Your job is not yet done once your course is granted accreditation status by ICHOS. After the whole process, you need to maintain the quality of your course through continuous improvements. These call for regularly reviewing student outcomes and initiating changes when necessary to keep the course in compliance with ICHOS criteria. These also involve renewing accreditation status every year.