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As an accrediting body that values quality and impartiality, we carefully review complaints that may concern any of the courses we have accredited. This section describes the procedure we have in place to properly deal with complaints. We do not charge for this service, as it is our aim to achieve a formal resolution to any issue at hand.
Guidelines for Complaints

Guide to Filing a Formal Complaint Against a Course

We always Strive to maintain the quality and continued improvement of creative online courses so we are open to receiving complaints from any source. However, we strongly encourage complainants to attempt to resolve the issue they have against a course through the internal process of the organisation offering that course. If such attempt does not address the problem, they may initiate a formal complaint with Us following our guide below.

Complaints We Investigate

We will investigate a complaint if it is against a course we have accredited and if any of its aspects does not comply with our criteria. We will not investigate a complaint if it does not concern or relate to our accreditation or if it is an individual grievance directed toward an organisation due to matters like student admission, tuition fee and promotion or dismissal of an instructor or student.

Our Role

It should be noted that while we review complaints, we do not act as a mediator between the complainant and the course to which the complaint is directed. Instead, we only maintain an investigative role throughout the process.

Filing a Complaint

We have a complaint form that needs to be completely filled out. When filling out the section for complaint details, it is advisable to list down all the criteria with which the course is non-compliant. If there are any documents that will support the claim, please attach copies with the form.

Complaint Handling

Once we have received a complaint, we will thoroughly review the details. If we have reason to believe that complaint is in no way related to our accreditation, we will notify the complainant and no further action will be taken. However, if the complaint is within our scope based on the evidence provided, we will notify the organisation of the course and seek for their comments regarding the allegation. We may also recommend a thorough investigation to resolve the problem.

Further Information

In cases where you are uncertain of the appropriate actions or if you find the information we provided insufficient, you are welcome to notify us. Please contact us so we can provide guidance on the complaints procedures.