International Creativity of Higher Education
Organisations whose creative online courses are accredited by ICHOS are encouraged to use our logo to display their accreditation status and demonstrate the quality of their courses. We have provided brief guidelines to ensure the proper usage of our logo.
Logo Usage guidelines

An Expression of Quality

Organisations with courses accredited by ICHOS can use our logo on their courses’ marketing collateral and websites. The logo is intended as a mark of quality for the courses and as a means to communicate that the organisation itself is devoted to providing education that meets the needs of students and satisfies international standards. Following below are summarised guidelines of how our logo must be used.

Directly request logo from ICHOS

We ask organisations to contact ICHOS to request for a copy of our logo and to receive permission for its use. That way, we can check if the organisation making the request has a course accredited by us, and we can provide the logo as soon as possible. To send a request, please send an email at

Avoid altering logo elements

As ICHOS’s logo serves as an identifier of course quality and communicates our credential as an accrediting agency, it should be presented in its original and optimal form. That means all its elements (e.g. colour, size, font, background, etc.) must be retained to protect its integrity and legibility.

Derivative versions of the logo are prohibited

We only provide one type of logo to organisations with ICHOS-accredited courses. Hence, aside from retaining its original form, avoid using derivative versions of the logo. Derivative versions may include extracting elements of the logo and using them on their own, distorting the logo, and inappropriate pairing with another logo.

Use the logo only for its intended purposes

The ICHOS logo is meant to be used to identify the courses we have accredited. It can be used on prospectus, website and other promotional materials, but organisations must make it clear that the accreditation only applies to a particular course/s. The logo cannot be used on the certificate of students or for commercial purposes.

Creative courses under evaluation or have interim status are not permitted to use the logo

Until a course is formally accredited by ICHOS, the organisation offering such course is prohibited to use our logo on its promotional materials.

For further assistance in using ICHOS’s logo, please contact us.