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In the past years, we have expanded the number of courses we have accredited from different organisations worldwide. To succeed in our endeavour, we continue to carry out our service to accredit more courses. If you are seeking for an accredited creative course, you can search our database by typing the complete name of the course below.

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Whether you are looking to start a new creative course or checking the status of the one you are currently taking or have recently completed, you can make the search easier with our system. Simply type in the name of the course on the tab and instantly know if we have accredited it or not.

Why Choose an Us Accredited Course?

As an accrediting body, it is our responsibility to evaluate creative online courses against the standards we have set. When you choose to get into a course we have accredited, you can expect that:


The course exhibits quality that is on par with similar courses offered locally and internationally. As such, you can be confident in the knowledge and skills you will gain.


The course provides appropriate level of academic, technical and administrative support, all of which are critical for you to achieve your academic goals.


The course has ongoing educational processes and policies that enable it to continuously meet public’s expectations of quality and remain relevant to the industry it caters to.


You will be able to demonstrate sufficient academic background, which will enable you to sit for a professional exam or advance in your current career.


You can have better career opportunities knowing that the course you take will endow you with qualifications that are looked upon favourably by employers.


There is a neutral organisation you can turn to in the event that the course you take fails to deliver on its promise of providing quality education.